SoClean User Manual

User Manual For SoClean CPAP Cleaner

SoClean is the easiest,fastest, most effective and safest way to clean your CPAP device. You may be aware of the importance of keeping a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device clean. The risk of getting sick increases if your device has become a home for harmful germs and bacteria.The SoClean is

SoClean is effective  CPAP cleaning machine that is efficient and powerful enough to kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs in the CPAP equipment and being very small in size it can fit anywhere.


Getting Started

•Pre-Wash Your CPAP Device.How,When and Why?

The pre-wash is just a hypo-allergic cleaning solution or a dish soap which is fragrance-free,required to hand wash your CPAP device(mask,hose and reservoir).

You have to mix two capfuls of this pre-wash thoroughly with a gallon of water in order to wash your CPAP device and then rinse it with clean water.

You are supposed to use the pre-wash before you use your SoClean for the first time or whenever a new equipment is being introduced to your CPAP device.

It removes any unwanted residues and neutralizes the detergents for any pre-existing odours.

•How To Install the Injection Fitting?

The process of installing the injection fitting is classified into the following categories:

1.Installing The Injection Fitting With Humidifier:

Steps to be followed in a SEQUENCE:

♦You have to first disconnect the hose from your CPAP device.

♦Now,position the injection fitting on the port of your reservoir in such a way that the smaller hose enters and rests on or near the bottom of your reservoir.

♦You can trim the injection hose,if required, in order to fit it in the reservoir.And you have to always keep it in mind that there are different ways of hose insertion for different reservoirs.

♦If you are willing to keep water in the reservoir,then make sure that the end of the injection hose is always below the water level in the reservoir.

♦Now you can carefully connect the hose of your CPAP device to the end of the injection fitting.

2.Installing The Injection Fitting Without Humidifier:

Steps to be followed in a SEQUENCE:

♦Remove the small black hose by pulling it from the injection fitting if you are not using the humidifier at present.

♦Do not insert this small injection hose into the CPAP machine.

♦Now directly attach the injection fitting to your CPAP device.

♦Reconnect the end of the injection fitting with the hose of your CPAP device.

♦You can use your CPAP machine without disconnecting the injection fitting.

♦But,it is mandatory to disconnect the fitting depending on the design of your reservoir in order to add water into it.

Note:Do Not Hurdle And Follow The Above Steps With Patience.

How To Use SoClean To Clean And Sanitize Your CPAP Machine?

Your CPAP device can be easily cleaned and sanitized.Being one of the best and world’s first and most used CPAP cleaner and sanitizer which uses activated oxygen to kill 99.99% of CPAP mold,bacteria and viruses growing in your mask,reservoir and hose.The use of water or messy chemicals is avoided in order to keep the device completely dry.

Using the SoClean unit is very easy.You just have to follow the following steps:

♦ Open the top cover or the lid.

♦Now,carefully put the removable hose slot plug into the open slot.

♦Now simply place your mask into the chamber, close and tighten the cover then press the button.

♦Make sure that the hose attached to the mask rests in the open hose slot.

♦According to the preset time,the SoClean will operate automatically.

♦After the cycle is completed,you can open the lid and take out the mask.

♦After removing the removable hose slot plug leave it inside the chamber itself .

Few Important Points to remember:

♦You can insert your mask and hose from either side of the SoClean machine.

♦It won’t operate if the mask and hose aren’t present inside the chamber.

♦It won’t operate if the hose slot plug is improperly seated or missing.

♦Even after the cycle is completed you are supposed to leave the mask and hose in the chamber for at least 2 more hours.

You can remove them after the green light shines which indicates the completion of all disinfecting process.

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