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SoClean Frequently Asked Questions

Soclean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer machine is produced and promoted by Better Rest Solutions and is presented as being easy to use. It is not a big tool for cleaning and sanitizing, but rather comfortable in an apartment or a house. There are many films and papers of presentation on it, so the advertising side of the product is doing a good job.

Also part of the advertising process, but also a key element in order to make SoClean function is the Frequently Asked Questions part of the promotion. These are 10 questions, with 10 answers, as it follows:

1. Will my CPAP equipment be wet from the SoClean?
Answer: Water is not used during the cleaning and sanitizing process, but activated oxygen.

2.Is the SoClean harmful to me or the environment?
Answer: The oxygen generator never reaches the outside environment.

3. How do I know that my SoClean is truly sanitizing?
Answer: After completing the disinfection process successfully , the cycle indicator light will turn green.

4. What if the scent that SoClean leaves is too strong for me?
Answer: You should use the equipment Pre-Wash, to allow the pre-residual scent to be blown out; the pre-residual scent will dissipate during nighttime by setting the timer; reduce the treatment duration; do not disinfect the equipment daily.

5. What if my indicator light is shinning red or yellow?
Answer: This happens during the dis-infection process.

6. What if my indicator light is not shinning after a scheduled cleaning time?
Answer: This means the disinfection is not completed.

7.What if I missed my scheduled sanitizing time but still wish to sanitize my equipment?
Answer: In this case you should use the manual feature, from the User Guide.

8. Why does my display say Order Filter Kit?
Answer: This message appears because of usage, every six months; you should replace the filter and the valve assembly.

9. Are there materials that I should avoid putting into SoClean?
Answer: You should contact Better Rest Solutions, in order to find a complete answer. You should also avoid nylon and natural rubber.

10.My mask feels oily, what should I do?
Answer: The mask should be hand washed occasionally.

This part of Frequently Asked Questions concerns the functioning of SoClean and the possible dysfunctions that may appear during the using of it. This doesn’t mean that SoClean is not functioning on the basis that is already indicated into the promotional material, but these are possible problems that users have encountered during using SoClean. Therefore, the information is extremely important in ordered to make it function, as well as to fix the possibles/futures

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