Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer

Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer

Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer

Sleep8 CPAP cleaning and sanitizing tool is a light-weight and compact portable CPAP cleaner that uses activated-oxygen (ozone) to sanitize your CPAP devices. The ozone created by the CPAP cleansing device is utilized to efficiently eliminate 99% of germs, molds and bacteria found within your CPAP mask, tubing, and humidifier chamber.

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer display is easy but effectively communicates the cleaning cycle countdown, battery life, and alerts

Simply put your CPAP tool inside the Sleep8 filter bag and press start button, after an hour the Sleep 8 CPAP sanitizing machine will automatically shut off , leaving you with fresh, sanitized CPAP device for immediate use. By utilizing ozone or activated-oxygen to decontaminate your CPAP without making use of extreme chemicals and your CPAP masks, tubes, and water chambers all at once.

Main Features of Sleep 8 CPAP sanitizer machine

Developed to work as both a house and a travel unit
Sealed cleaning chamber and numerous 1 way flapper valves collaborate to avoid ozone from dripping directly into the room
High quality charge controller that keeps the convenience of a portable unit, however enables you to leave it plugged in while in your home.
Simple one button click to clean
Safety shut down prevents unit from running when not connected effectively.

Advantages of Sleep8 CPAP cleaning tool

Exceptionally peaceful
Can be utilized even while charging
Extremely easy to operate

How does Sleep 8 CPAP cleaning and sanitizing machine Works?

1.) Connect CPAP Tubing Inside the Bag. Put in Mask and Chamber and Zip it Closed: Unzip the bag and find the round valve inside. Remove the tubing from your CPAP maker and attach it to the valve. Put all CPAP tubing, mask and dry water chamber inside the bag and zip it closed.
2.) Link Sleep8 Outside the Bag: Slide the Sleep8's triangular shaped port onto the triangular shaped valve on the outside of the bag. It ought to be a snug fit. The device will only work if there is a secure connection.
3.) Press Start and Relax: Press the power button until you hear a beep and see the Sleep8 screen light up. The screen will count down until the sanitation is total. It is normal to hear the fan osculate and pause for short periods. When it is done it will turn off immediately.

What's inside Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer machine the box?

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner
Sleep8 Sterilizing Filter Bag
Micro USB Battery Charger

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer machine is developed for convenience with an incredibly quiet motor that won't interrupt your partner and is battery run. Its compact style makes it simple to travel with, so you don't have to go for a foul-smelling mask on vacation. Take the action towards simple, cleaner sleep with your brand-new Sleep 8 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer device tonight!

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