Sani Bot  D3 CPAP Cleaner Reviews

Sani Bot  D3 CPAP Mask Sanitizer Cleaning Machine Reviews

CPAP equipment aids in reducing sleep apnea. However, to make sure that it helps you and not cause diseases, you must invest in a quality CPAP cleaning device. One such product is Sani Bot D3 CPAP mask cleaner. It has been successful in delivering quality performance and is appreciated by the masses

How Does the Sani Bot  D3 CPAP mask Sanitizer Works?

Sani Bot CPAP Cleaner  works by making use of tap water and cleansing tablets. This means you won’t have to worry about the strong ozone smell that is present in other similar cleaners. The use of cleansing tablets in the operation of the product allows this product to deliver a fast disinfecting experience.

Sani Bot CPAP cleaner

Sani Bot D3 CPAP Mask Sanitizer Main Features

The Sani Bot CPAP cleaner delivers a professional experience yet is perfect for home use. It makes use of a touchscreen control that makes altering the setting and monitoring the progress of the process a piece of cake. The package comes with 60 tablets and a 30-minute timer.

The device succeeds in being quite durable. This is achieved by the use of a sturdy stainless-steel reservoir and a powerful transducer. Hence, you can rest assured that the cleaning device will stay by your side for a long time.


To further deliver convenience, the cleaner is equipped with a set-and-forget function. Rather than playing a part in the cleaning process, all you need to do is plug the device in and your job is done. Before you switch it on, just add water to the tank and add some tablets. After you set the timer to the full range, it will stop automatically when the given time elapses.

A heater function is also included to further deliver resistance against mold and mildew on top of cleaning bacteria. This is an excellent addition since other products tend to only combat bacteria. Hence, the heater feature succeeds in delivering immense value.

It is compatible with an array of masks, so you don’t need to worry about checking whether the device will work with your CPAP mask or not.

Pros and Cons

Customers have appreciated the following pros:

  • The instructions included are very easy to understand which makes assembling and disassembling the device a piece of cake.
  • It manages to get rid of all types of germs and bacteria.
  • The size is optimum for easy carrying.

However, there have been a few complaints, which include:

  • It leaves a residue behind.
  • It is not as durable as some of the other cleaners in the market.

How Much Does Sani Bot Cost?

As per Amazon, the product costs around $179.


Final words about Sani Bot D3

All in all, compared to other products in the market, the Sani Bot D3 CPAP cleaning machine  manages to deliver an array of value-added features. This makes the cost as well as the minor flaws worth bearing. Anyone who values convenience and cleanliness of their CPAP mask would not be disappointed with this cleaner.

Try it out and decide for yourself. Maintain good hygiene by regularly cleaning your CPAP equipment.

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