Getting the most from your CPAP therapy

CPAP Therapy: It Can Work But There Should Be Short and Long Terms Goal For Success

CPAP, they need to know their equipment and understand how the therapy works. Of course, that doesn’t mean the quality and comfort will improve, but it will in how a person feels about their therapy and make them focused on sticking with it.

Some folks immediately have no issues with the CPAP, but for others changing is difficult and they quit, which causes their serious health problem to get worse.

CPAP therapy can be effective though when a person has the desire to stop the effects that sleep apnea causes and give themselves the healthy sleep they deserve.

  • They need to look at the short terms goals – better sleep quality for themselves and the people around them. They also need to look at the long-term goals – lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular health, reduced chance for stroke, etc.
  • They can use the therapy to help them sleep better, and the more it’s used, the better the condition is managed. If used only 50 percent of the time, they’ll only get about 50 percent of the benefits. It should be used anytime a person goes to sleep – at night or during the day.
  • They need to make sure the mask is comfortable, with no leads between it and the face. The patient’s therapist will help them to choose a mask that’s best for them. If something doesn’t work, they need to find alternatives to attain a good fit.

There are all kinds of options so there’s no reason to suffer from irritation or redness. For instance, some folks who have had success using a heated humidification with the CPAP to ensure a more comfortable therapy. If a person’s mouth feels dry while sleeping, they have nasal congestion or they breathe via their mouth, heat humidification could be extremely beneficial.

How a person feels toward the therapy is going to have a major effect on the outcome. This means looking at the goals:

  • Why is a person doing this? Are they doing it for themselves or for someone else?

A positive attitude about the therapy can go a long way even if there are problems with it in the beginning. CPAP support continues even after a person leaves the store – a supplier should be there for the patient whenever necessary. And, a therapist can work with the patient to determine how it’s going and what challenges are being felt.

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